Ken Romer

Ken Romer


Ken has been working as an IT security expert for more than 16 years and his expertise has been called upon at the highest level including by the nation's secret services who fight against cybercrime and hackers. He started his career at Computer Sciences Corp as a network administrator overseeing security. He then went on to become Director of IT at a large financial company where he implemented network security strategies to take the privately held company public.

Always looking to use his skills to help others, Ken is a volunteer adviser for the Hacking-Lab project and teaches networking and advanced computer skills for Burlington County College as well as for the Chubb Institute. He also assists the Jupiter Police Department in computer forensics and cyber-crime investigations.

Ken founded ITMS LLC to use his experience and apply it in an offensive posture to fight back against hackers and protect clients’ businesses.

Ken is also a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), meaning he can protect networks and information from hackers by utilizing tools and concepts from a hacker’s perspective.