Services and Solutions

ITMS LLC offers network vulnerability scanning and internal network audits and feels strongly that all companies should have a scan or penetration test each year. And if your company processes online payments, you may even be required to have a vulnerability test every quarter. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their search for weaknesses in systems and it pays to always be one step ahead. Some of the tests that ITMS LLC offers are.

  • Penetration testing is a sophisticated attempt by ITMS LLC to breach your network security and in doing so highlight the risks and weak spots where unscrupulous hackers could gain access. Our pen tests can be done openly or without the knowledge of your security staff so we can view your system's weaknesses as a real hacker would.
  • Vulnerability scanning solutions from ITMS LLC are aimed at finding security holes and telling your network security staff where they are and how to close them to keep your systems watertight.
  • Internal network audits are conducted from inside the network with elevated credentials to ensure a deeper look at your company's internal online security. An internal network audit gives your security staff a good picture as to what could be exploited should a hacker compromise your network security.

ITMS LLC is here to help your company stay safe online. We keep you protected from hackers and viruses and ensure your customers can trust your services implicitly.

HIPAA compliancy

To ensure the confidentiality of patients, doctors must adhere to strict rules concerning the care of patient data and health records. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires measures to be taken to encrypt sensitive data, and policies and procedures to be implemented to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations. ITMS LLC can help you meet these obligations, reducing risks for your patients and headaches for your staff.

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