Penetration Testing

Whatever the size of your company and no matter how many computers you run, your system security should be of utmost importance. After all, your computers are constantly sending and receiving vast amounts of data, so round the clock vigilance is essential.

This is where penetration testing can help as it gives you an overview of your system security as it appears to someone trying to break in. Kenneth Romer is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and has performed hundreds of "ethical hacks" to find vulnerabilities in computer systems. He does that by breaching the client's systems as a hacker would, seeking out weak spots where it is possible to gain access, do damage and access private data. These penetration tests can be done openly or without the knowledge of our clients' security staff so we can see system weaknesses as a real hacker would. ITMS LLC's expertise means we will find errors in your coding that most IT experts wouldn't have noticed.

Once the penetration test has been carried out steps are taken to address the issues found. Patches are put in place, and vulnerabilities fixed, with as little disruption to your services as possible. And at all stages of the penetration test process we ensure that your data, systems and privacy are totally protected.

ITMS LLC's penetration testing includes:

  • Identification of all vulnerable areas
  • Exploitation
  • Attacks on network systems and applications

Peer reviews

Also called "code reviews" these are used to look at your sourced code and find any vulnerabilities in your computer applications that may have been missed during development. This can often be done with automated code review programs but manual inspections, such as those carried out by ITMS LLC, are often more useful as they find mistakes that even advanced programs can miss. We have experience in checking code for various sectors including healthcare, the law and even intelligence, and we can offer a customized solution to fit the needs of your organization.

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