Incident Response

Cybercrime is a growing problem across the Internet with hackers using their skills to commit theft and fraud and cause damage. And these hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated as technology develops.

Every company that uses computers to help them run their day-to-day affairs and boost their business must have some sort of protection plan to stop their systems being hacked into. You may think that your IT is already safe but even highly secure systems have their weaknesses and need constant monitoring and updating.

And if your systems are breached, you need to be ready to ensure that precious data is preserved. ITMS LLC has years of expertise in incident response and will quickly discern how hackers have accessed your systems, while capturing and storing your data. Our first step is to limit the impact of security breaches before finding out who infiltrated your network - and how.

We then do our utmost to ensure that your systems won’t fall victim to repeat attacks. This means performing a full investigation into how your systems were breached before installing state-of-the-art protection including anti-virus programs and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). We also check to make sure that the initial breach did not spread and infect other parts of your IT infrastructure.

To summarize, this is what ITMS LLC will do in the event of an IT security breach:

  • Data capture - we grab all the data we can in case it’s needed as evidence.
  • Forensics – ITMS LLC’s experts use their skills to establish where the attack originated.
  • For serious issues we can work with your legal team and support you in court.
  • We can eliminate any future threats from this source and find solutions to keep you safe in the future.

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